Leon Radix: PhD student

Email address: leonradix@connect.glos.ac.uk

BSc (Life Sciences), Certificate in Teacher Education, MSc (Environmental Policy and Management)

Leon Radix has dedicated his entire career to teaching, with eighteen years’ experience serving Grenada’s public school as a biology teacher. He joined St. George’s University in 2015 as an instructor in the Department of Biology, Ecology, and Conservation. He graduated from St. George’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences and shortly after completed a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

Leon’s research interest cuts across agriculture, mangrove restoration, community-focused conservation and entomology. Currently he is working towards his PhD and is being supervised by Chris Short and Dr Philip Staddon of the CCRI. He is also active in the development and implementation of conservation management policies. He contributes to the work of several non-governmental agencies functioning in Grenada and the wider Caribbean. He is the outgoing president of Gaea Conservation Network, a member of the Board of Directors of Ocean Spirits, and a St. George’s University representative on the National Marine Protected Areas Advisory Board. One of his most recent contributions focused on habitat restoration of a mangrove system in St. Vincent and he has been a lead researcher in many watershed management consultancies in Grenada.