Big Cat Blog – Movies and Novels

Here in CCRI a number of us have been working quietly away on things related to ‘Big Cats’. A number of additional sightings have been reported in the press locally that we have added to our press analysis.

Some staff have also attended meetings discussing the phenomena with individuals who specialise in the area – whether they be authors, trackers or simply enthusiasts.

We have also been sourcing various academic papers and books on ‘Cryptozoology’ and ‘Big Cats’ to enable us to review what has been previously published and more importantly how the subject has been approached.

During our constant review of literature, we have come across a couple of items which stand up as books/films in their own right – and are quite simply well worth a read/watch!

Firstly ‘Savage Shadow’ by David O’Reilly was originally published in 1981, and is a journalists’ account of his involvement with a Western Australian farming community that was allegedly being terrorised by cougars. Whatever your opinion on big cats, this book is an enjoyable read. The two people who read the book found it exciting, and engaging – a cliche, but it was a real page turner! The book has recently been republished and is available on Amazon, although it is quite a short book. See below for promotional video

Secondly ‘The Hunter’ a 2011 film starring Willem Defoe, set in Tasmania concerning the extinct (or is it?) Tasmanian Tiger. Defoe is a hunter (as one might expect given the title!) hired by an organisation who want DNA from a tiger. He poses as a scientist in a small settlement but he encounters various issues from those within the community. No spoilers here, but the film is entertaining, atmospheric and features some wonderful footage of Tasmania. See the trailer below