Big Cat Survey – Introduction

Over the next few weeks on this blog we will be publishing the results of the CCRI’s Big Cat Survey. We decided to undertake this survey because people in the area around where the CCRI is based were consistently reporting seeing a creature they generally described as a ‘Big Cat’. After many years of conducting research on life in rural areas we had heard these accounts previously, often in different areas of the UK, and it seemed like a good opportunity to investigate this phenomena in a more systematic way.  At that time we promised that we would report on the results of that survey, this is the beginning of that process.

As the analysis progresses we will report on the results of the survey, and using some statistical techniques on some of the less obvious features of those findings.  Later in the summer we will also report on an extensive analysis of the press reporting of the Big Cat in the area.  In the autumn we will bring all of the material reported on this blog into a single report.