CCRI Away Day – Flooding, Fishing, Farming and Food

Things have been very busy in CCRI of late, and sadly the Twitter and Blog has not been updated as often as we would like.

Yesterday however, we had an away day – to a couple of local attractions and sites that have been affected by particularly topical issues – flooding.

We visited Richard Few, at Highcross Farm, Minsterworth – to see how his land has been affected by the winter weather, and learnt how in his opinion, the tip on the opposite bank has affected the flow of the water across the flood plain.

It was then time to visit Newnham Salmon Hut – and hear from fisherman John Powell about how he fishes the Severn, using traditional methods and rights which have been passed down to him.

A bring and share lunch was then eaten, including smoked Eel from the Severn and Wye Smokery – this was enjoyed in the blazing sun on the banks of the Severn. CCRI’s resident artist, Anthony Lyons began to ask us to contribute to his ‘Sabrina Dreaming’ residency project…withholding dessert until there was a firm commitment from each person there!

Finally, a visit to the National Trust property at Westbury Court – a Dutch Water garden. We were shown around the beautiful gardens, and also just how close the river is with a short walk through buttercup filled meadows.

It was a very pleasant day away from the office (whether CCRI or one’s own personal office at home) and pictures will be forthcoming. It is also a reminder of how beautiful the countryside is in the UK, even just a few miles from a large city such as Gloucester.