World Soil Day 2019

The 5th December is world soil day, and I believe it comes at a poignant time of year as we draw towards the shortest day.

Winter is a time of life drawing back into the soil, to rest and rejuvenate for the returning spring. It is a time of slowing down and getting back to basics, to the elements. It is also a time to take stock in our burrows, and as the days begin to brighten again, consider how to unfold with the new year.

This year has shown that progress comes at varying rates but that awareness of the importance of soil health is increasing, both in publics and farming. It has been inspiring to visit the soil farmer of the year and some examples of soil-health improving cropping systems (SICS) in the EU project SoilCare. These farmers think of the soil first – it is their most vital asset.

This summer at the Shambala festival, I was also lucky enough to give a talk on soil, its vibrant rich ecosystem and how we can support it through farming. I am thankful to have had an inquisitive audience, and encouraged see how much people already know.

I will be performing a soil and sun goddess story on Solstice eve in aid of raising further awareness of the soils importance to us. Soil gives us so much, especially when we consider ‘public money for public goods’ – carbon sequestration, biodiversity, clean water and healthy food.

I hope we can move towards protecting and nourishing it with better policy, support and practice. Happy world soil day and an earthful new year!

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