Terms and Conditions of Funding

Last updated: 10 June 2022

Principal Applicant and Transfer

  1. The grant is made to the applicant, who may elect to have the payment made to their institution for management purposes.
  2. If the applicant moves to a different institution, the remaining funding should be transferred from the original institution to the new institution and the Trustees informed of this.

Financial Management and Reporting

3. Sole Use: Funds provided to the grant holder may only be used for the purpose specified in the application.

4. Repayment: The Trustees may require funds to be returned to the Foundation when:
a. The grant is not used in entirety,
b. Grant holders are found to have used sums for purposes not specified.

6. Grant holders (or their institution on their behalf) are required to keep detailed and auditable accounts and other records of the receipt and use of the grant and to retain these for a period of six years after the completion of the grant.

6. Grant holders (or their institution on their behalf) are required to provide access to such accounts and records for inspection by the Trustees, or their appointed agents, to assure their use conforms to the purpose of the grant. Such access shall not be unreasonable withheld or delayed.

7. The grant is for the entire value specified. Any budget headings used by the applicant will be deemed to be for clarity only and budget may be moved between heading they have used.

8. Payments will normally be made annually in advance in April.

9. Reporting: Grant holders should make a written report to the Trustees at the end of each year of the grant period (as applicable) and on completion. As a minimum, this should specify what has and has not been achieved, relative to the objectives set out in the application, impacts achieved, what difference the funding has made (i.e. the charitable benefit) and an account system statement.

Intellectual Property and Publication

10. All background intellectual property remains that of the original owner, arising intellectual property shall be owned by the grant holder.

11. Publications wholly or significantly arising from the grant must be published in an open access format in addition to the original place of publication e.g. use of institutional repositories.


12. Grant holders are requested to acknowledge the funding provided by the Foundation in all publications and communications of any format or media. 

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