Restorative land use seminar

The CCRI is hosting a seminar on restorative land use on Thursday, 21st January. The seminar will be presented by Dr Jenneth Parker, who is the Research Director at the  Schumacher Institute. 

The seminar has been organised by the UNU, RCE Severn and Schumacher Institute. More information on UNU RCE Severn, latest news and events.

The seminar will provide an opportunity for reflection and innovation of alternative approaches which encapsulate food and social justice into the equation. Colleagues will be invited to respond to the policy discussion paper published in the build-up for Paris Climate Change Talks 2015.

The four Key themes for the seminar are: 1. Support smallscale farming 2. Rethinking society’srelationship with food 3. Support ecological restoration for biodiversity and livelihoods 4. Transition to localised economies/food systems.

UNU RCE Severn is a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) in Sustainability Education endorsed by the United Nations University. It is one of 136 global RCEs.

The RCE Severn has been set up to assist the Severn area in moving towards sustainable development through a process of learning, participatory engagement and partnership building.