CCRI Director receives OECD Research Fellowship

Professor Janet Dwyer

We are delighted to report that CCRI Director, Professor Janet Dwyer, has been awarded an OECD Research Fellowship.

The aim of OECD Research Fellowships is to strengthen the international exchange of ideas and increase international mobility and co-operation among scientists and Janet will be spending some two months in the summer and autumn of 2017 in Japan, hosted by the laboratory of landscape architecture in the Division of forest and biomaterials science, Kyoto University. She will be researching the governance of Japan’s Satoyama cultural landscapes.

These landscapes and the environmental initiative that now bears their name are testament to a growing awareness of the need for sustainable land management which is embedded within both socio-cultural and natural value-systems, in the developed and developing world

Janet will be looking at how policies at national, regional and local levels have supported or hindered the growth and development of Satoyama initiatives and actions across Japan and compare this experience with emerging contemporary UK landscape-scale experiments and understanding in policy. The aim is to generate innovative approaches to sustainable land and natural resources management in high value cultural landscapes, to inform future UK, EU and Japanese policy, contributing to the growing international body of research on policies for sustainable management of land and nature, and to develop and extend fruitful Anglo-Japanese research collaborations on this topic.

Janet’s research will link to CCRI’s research on uplands and cultural landscapes and also the EU Horizon 2020 PEGASUS research project, which is investigating the provision of public goods and ecosystem services from agriculture and forestry, aiming to unlock the synergies between economic and environmental benefits for society. The CCRI is one of 14 European partners in the PEGASUS consortium, conducting research in  ten member states, 2015-2018.

Kyoto University
(Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0)