Damian Maye’s new book now available for pre-order

Over the last two years, Professor Damian Maye has been working with fellow academics Moya Kneafsey (Coventry University), Lewis Holloway (University of Hull) and Michael K. Goodman (University of Reading) on an exciting new book about the future of food.

‘Geographies of Food: An Introduction’, published by Bloomsbury explores, over 11 chapters, contemporary food issues and crises in all their dimensions, as well as the many solutions currently being proposed.

Regarding the book, CCRI’s Professor of Agri-Food Studies, Damian Maye said “I’m really pleased and excited to see Geographies of Food published. We started work on it a few years ago because we realised, despite a burgeoning body of agri-food work by geographical scholars, we didn’t really have a book that mapped the “what,” “where,” “who,” “how,” and “why” questions about food. What is food and where does it come from? Who grows and makes food, and who eats it? Why do some people have more than enough whilst others go hungry? How is food made and what are its impacts on people and places?

Writing it was great fun but also quite a challenge, as we tried to make sense of the diverse geographies of food work that was out there and engage with so many important issues. As we have seen from the COVID-19 pandemic, food is foundational to our economy and society and reveals complex geographies of people and place relations with food systems. Our book reveals these complex food geographies and in doing so asks deeper questions about power, injustice, and inequality. These issues are always present when we map the geographies of food, but so are stories of hope, possibility, and new futures. I hope people find it inspiring for their teaching and research”.

For those interested in the publication as a teaching resource, they are able to request an inspection copy via the book’s page on the Bloomsbury website. However, we are also delighted to be able to offer a 35% discount off the paperback edition of the book. This can be obtained via the book’s flyer which can be downloaded here:

Damian continues to build upon his COVID-19 and Sustainable Food Systems resource by further collation of related news items, articles and other materials, all of which are contained on the CCRI website and sorted thematically.