CCRI researchers publish paper in Land Use Policy

A number of researchers from the CCRI are authors of a new paper published in ‘Land Use Policy‘.

The multi-authored paper lead by Julie Ingram and Damian Maye presents the findings from a prioritisation exercise undertaken with a range of stakeholders in UK. It aimed to identify where a stronger evidence is needed for digital agriculture.

From a base of 195 questions across seven themes, the iterative methodology resulted in 27 priority questions (15 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze). These questions significantly enrich and extend previous clustering and agenda setting using literature sources, and provide a range of new perspectives. They also offer a research framework to steer policy, both in UK and beyond. 

CCRI PhD students Aimee Morse, Caitlyn Hafferty, and former placement student Bethany Leake were also contributors to the paper. Entitled ‘ What are the priority research questions for digital agriculture?‘ the paper is available open access and the full reference is detailed below.

Julie Ingram, Damian Maye, Clive Bailye, Andrew Barnes, Christopher Bear, Matthew Bell, David Cutress, Lynfa Davies, Auvikki de Boon, Liz Dinnie, Julian Gairdner, Caitlin Hafferty, Lewis Holloway, Daniel Kindred, David Kirby, Bethany Leake, Louise Manning, Ben Marchant, Aimee Morse, Simon Oxley, Martin Phillips, Áine Regan, Karen Rial-Lovera, David C. Rose, Juliette Schillings, Fiona Williams, Hefin Williams, Lucy Wilson, (2022), What are the priority research questions for digital agriculture?, Land Use Policy, Volume 114,