James Kirwan – Delphi Methods

This weeks seminar (13th February), presented by James Kirwan, focuses upon the ‘Delphi Method‘ – an innovative group discussion technique that he has been using as part of an EU project.

Regaring the technique, James commented…

“Delphi was the site of the Delphic Oracle, the most prestigious and authoritative oracle in the classical Greek world. Less exotic perhaps, but no less useful, the Delphi Survey method is a group facilitation technique that is designed to gradually build the opinions of individuals into a group consensus. James Kirwan discussed its uses in relation to the European project GLAMUR (http://www.glamur.eu/), where it has been used to forecast what will need to be assessed in the future when judging the performance of both local and global food supply chains across Europe.”

James’ presentation can be found on the CCRI Slideshare website.