Damian Maye commentary published in Veterinary Record

Dr Damian Maye

Damian Maye provided a short commentary in Veterinary Record on a new paper, published in the same issue, by Ruth Little and colleagues.

The paper examines farmer perceptions of voluntary risk-based trading initiatives to help control bovine TB. The study shows how cattle farmers in high and low bovine TB risk areas have different perceptions of bovine TB and the voluntary scheme, with farmers in low risk areas more open to the scheme, hence the title ‘geography matters’.

In the commentary, Damian makes some critical comments about institutional logics that propose using voluntary initiatives like this as a way to control a complex animal disease like bovine TB.

The article can be accessed on the University of Gloucestershire research repository.

The full reference is:

Maye, Damian (2017) Farmer perceptions of voluntary risk-based trading to control bovine TB: why geography matters. Veterinary Record, 180 (6). pp. 146-147. ISSN 0042-4900