Damian Maye chapter ‘The new food insecurity’ in new landscape and food handbook

Dr Damian Maye

Damian Maye has a chapter in a newly published Routledge Handbook on Landscape and Food.

The Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food is intended as a first port of call for scholars and researchers seeking to undertake new work at the many intersections of landscape and food. Each chapter provides an authoritative overview, a broad range of pertinent readings and references, and seeks to identify areas where new research is needed—though these may also be identified in the many fertile areas in which subjects and chapters overlap within the book.

Damian’s chapter is entitled ‘The new food insecurity’ and examines the link between food security and financial markets. It then considers different ways that we can make future agri-food systems and landscapes more resilient.

In particular, Damian’s chapter looks at the re-emergence of the term ‘new food insecurity’ in global geopolitics since the 2007-08 price spikes and related debates about the role of financial markets in determining food prices. Understanding finance and food economy relations is important, particularly in relation to landscape space and land use because it is necessary to break the link between financialisation and food systems in order to enable a greater diversity of agricultural land uses. Capturing discursive framings related to food security discourse is also critical because they produce social realities and determine agri-food governance responses. Techno-scientific approaches view sustainable intensification as one important solution to the global food crisis. Political economy perspectives frame structural conditions of the food system as needing to be challenged. Place-based approaches to food security, including new forms of multi-level reflexive governance, are identified as the most progressive to enable sustainable and resilient foodscapes.

The full reference relating to Damian’s chapter is:

Maye, Damian (2017) The New Food Insecurity. In Zeunert, J. and Waterman, T. (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Landscape and Food.  Routledge / Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, pp. 380-390. ISBN 9781138125155