Damian Maye presenting at RGS-IBG event

Next month, Professor Damian Maye will be presenting at a Royal Geographic Society event that will be discussing the economic and social impacts related to COVID-19.

Damian will be building on the COVID-19 database that he has been collating over the last 10 months and talking about these impacts from a food systems perspective. He will be joined by two human geographers from the University of Southampton, Professor Graham Moon and Dr Dianna Smith.

Damian will also utilise information within his recently published book, ‘Geographies of Food – an Introduction‘. More details concerning the book and details of a discount can be obtained here.

Event information

Covid-19 is having impacts that extend far beyond its immediate effects on people’s health status. Some of these non-health impacts flow from poor health, others ensure that existing health inequalities – and other inequalities – will deepen.

The impact of Covid-19 is broad in its human and structural dimensions. This panel discussion will focus on the economic and social consequences of the pandemic. A particular area of concern will be access to food and the impact on food supply. Drawing on the latest geographical research, including work by the presenters, the evening will feature short presentations and structured discussion touching on the impact that Covid-19 is having on work, jobs, different demographic groups and the way we live our lives (using food supply as a case).

We will look also at the implications for service access and alternative ways of working, as well as asking wider questions about how (food) economies are organised and governed.

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Damian Maye’s latest book