CCRI Researchers Edit Special Edition of Journal

Damian Maye and James Kirwan from CCRI, have recently been busy editing a special edition of the prestigious ‘Journal of Rural Studies’. This edition (Volume 29 – January 2013) of the journal focussed upon food security – clearly a very topical issue at present.

The journal itself publishes articles relating to important rural issues. It is international in scope and content. The food security special issue brings together some of the latest research from leading rural social scientists working on this important issue.

In addition to an introductory discussion piece, Damian and James also had an article published focussing on food security framings in the UK and their integration into local food systems.

Articles published in this edition are as follows:

  • Regionalizing food security? Imperatives, intersections and contestations in a post-9/11 world
  • Trade-off or convergence? The role of food security in the evolution of food discourse in Italy
  • Food security in Australia in an era of neoliberalism, productivism and climate change
  • A license to produce? Farmer interpretations of the new food security agenda
  • Food security and the justification of productivism in New Zealand
  • Framing GM crops as a food security solution
  • The interconnected challenges for food security from a food regimes perspective: Energy, climate and malconsumption
  • Doubling food production to feed the 9 billion: A critical perspective on a key discourse of food security in the UK
  • Food security framings within the UK and the integration of local food systems
  • Consumers and food security: Uncertain or empowered?
  • Beyond food security to realizing food rights in the US
  • From post-productionism to reflexive governance: Contested transitions in securing more sustainable food futures
  • Facing food security