Julie Ingram paper with free access published

Dr Julie Ingram

Julie Ingram has had a paper published in Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions with free access until 28th April 2018.

This paper looks at the role of groups and networks of farmers and other stakeholders advocating alternatives to mainstream farming. It examines their role in the transition from a system characterized as having the goal of increasing productivity, to one built around the wider principles of sustainable production, rural development and resilience. The way these groups and networks interact with those operating in ‘mainstream’ agriculture is explored with special reference to the different sorts of knowledge they hold, and the resulting boundaries and tensions this creates. Recommendations are made for bridging these boundaries and supporting these innovative groups.

The full reference of the paper is:
Ingram, J., 2017. Agricultural transition: Niche and regime knowledge systems’ boundary dynamics. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 26 (2018) 117–135.

Clicking on this link before 28th April, 2018 will take you directly to the paper in Science Direct.