CCRI working amidst Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic

Statement from CCRI Director, Janet Dwyer – 20th March, 2020

The current global situation regarding the Coronavirus / COVID-19 has had significant implications for the working practices of the CCRI. However at this comparatively early stage for the UK, the CCRI is still very much ‘open for business’ and we are very busy with our research. There have been significant changes to our day-to-day activities, reflecting government advice and personal circumstances.

 At present all of the CCRI staff are well, although a number have chosen to self-isolate. Working from home has dramatically increased, and we are endeavouring to maintain a vibrant working environment with the available technology, despite these challenging times. For the foreseeable future we have cancelled overseas travel, meetings or workshops with large groups, and most travel to London.

We know many of our friends and colleagues in other institutions face similar challenges due to the pandemic, and to you we send our very best wishes. We also are aware that there are many in the country who are now working in much more challenging environments to help support the continuation of vital services, and to you we offer our sincere gratitude.

The forthcoming weeks and months will no doubt see further significant change: we will aim to keep in touch and keep you updated with relevant news