Publication updates for CCRI Researchers

A number of CCRI researchers are authors of a chapter in a new book that offers a selection of reflections from social scientists regarding their experiences and insights gathered from researching people and the sea. The book entitled ‘Researching People and the Sea: Methodologies and Traditions’ has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan and is available to purchase in both E-Book and Hardcover formats.

The book was edited by Madeleine Gustavsson, Carole White, Jeremy Phillipson and Kristen Ounanian and is comprised of a number of sections, each addressing different topics within the overall theme of the book. The three topics, in addition to the introduction and conclusion, within the book are:

  • Experiences from the Field: Adapting Methods, Practices and Reflexivity.
  • Windows into Particular Methods: Innovations and Traditions.
  • Translating Across Disciplines and Policy

The chapter which CCRI researchers contributed to reflects on a set of methodological considerations that can arise when undertaking fisheries social science research, specifically when engaging face-to-face with fishers and the wider fishing community. The lead author was Hannah Chiswell and is entitled ‘Safety, ethics and trust: reflecting on methodological challenges in fisheries research’. These reflections were gleaned during the course of fieldwork conducted numerous fishing research projects such as the recent ‘Co-Designing the principles for defining low impact fishing’ project, which was led by the New Economics Foundation which several of the authors were involved with. This chapter is available within the ‘Experiences from the Field’ section.

The book is published by Palgrave Macmillan and can be ordered within the UK from the publishers website. For those outside of the UK, the book can be ordered here. Full reference details for the chapter contributed by CCRI researchers is:

  • Chiswell, Hannah Marie, Urquhart, Julie, Lewis, Nick, Black, Jasmine, Courtney, Paul and Reed, Matt (2021) Safety, ethics and trust: reflecting on methodological challenges in fisheries research. In: Researching people and the Sea: methodologies and traditions. Palgrave-Macmillan, London. ISBN 9783030596002