Future Treescapes 24 – Final Conference

Taking place from 11th – 13th June 2024 at Glasgow University Union and Online, the final conference will celebrate the achievements and outputs of the UK Treescapes Programme.

The overarching objective of the Future of UK Treescapes programme is to significantly improve the environmental, socio-economic and cultural understanding of the functions and services provided by UK treescapes, in order to inform decision-making on the expansion of future treescapes for the benefits of the environment and society.

The final conference ‘Future Treescapes 24‘ will bring together researchers, stakeholders, policymakers and woodland enthusiasts to reveal what the latest research can contribute to our trees, woodlands and forests.

For those attending the conference, whether in person or online, it will be an opportunity to collaborate with Treescapes’ researchers to open up current knowledge and help translate it into practice. At the conference, attendees will be able to explore the tools and methodologies coming out of the programme, shape the potential future of our treescapes and debate the future needs of research and policy in this space.

What should you expect if you attend the conference?

  • Celebrate UK Treescapes: Be part of our celebration of the invaluable achievements and contributions emerging from the Future of UK Treescapes Programme. Be inspired by the progress in advancing knowledge and understanding of our treescapes that promise a greener and more sustainable future.
  • Collaborate for Sustainable Treescapes: Future Treescapes 24 unites experts, policymakers and tree enthusiasts to delve deep into critical decisions on woodland expansion, climate resilience, treescapes management and addressing environmental challenges.
  • Highlight Treescapes’ Value: Explore the pivotal role of treescapes in mitigating climate change, enhancing well-being and enriching the UK’s heritage and culture.
  • Research Shaping Policy: At Future Treescapes 24, we focus on core research themes that align with UK government policies, supporting the nation’s ambitious net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target and tackling pressing environmental threats.
  • Turn Knowledge into Action: Collaborate with us to ensure research outcomes are adapted and translated into practical solutions for end-users and policymakers. Uncover how the programme’s diverse research creates meaningful impacts in terms of woodland expansion, management and safeguarding.

Full details of the conference, including the agenda, speakers, venue location and accommodation options can be found on the event website.