CCRI papers to be published

Dr Damian Maye

Damian Maye has had two new papers accepted for publication.

The first paper is a full research article linked to the recently completed project on badger vaccination that Damian led. This social science study aimed to assess the level of farmer confidence in the use of vaccination before, during and after vaccine deployment, and was part of the Government’s Bovine TB Badger Vaccine Deployment Project (BVDP). The research aimed to identify motivators and barriers that could influence the future use of TB vaccines.

The second paper is an introduction to a special issue of Sociologia Ruralis that Damian edited with Jessica Duncan examining ‘sustainable food transitions’.  Damian has co-written another paper for this special edition, together with James Kirwan and Gianluca Brunori (University of Pisa), about food chains and ethics. Dan Keech also has a co-written paper in this special edition, which is about urban food networks.

This special issue is due to be published in July. The references are as follows:

Maye, D., Enticott, G. and Naylor, R. (in press) Using scenario-based influence mapping to examine farmers’ biosecurity behaviour. Land Use Policy.

Maye, D. and Duncan, J. (in press) Understanding sustainable food system transitions: practice, assessment and governance. Sociologia Ruralis.

Grivins, M, Keech, D, Kunda, I and Tisenkopfs, T (in press) Bricolage for self-sufficiency: an analysis of alternative food initiatives structures. Sociologia Ruralis.

Kirwan, J., Maye, D. and Brunori, G. (in press) Reflexive governance, incorporating ethics and changing understandings of food chain performance. Special issue of Sociologia Ruralis (due to be published July 2017). Article ID: SORU12169. Article DOI: 10.1111/soru.12169. Internal Article ID: 14101726