Damian Maye presenting at Swiss National Science Foundation event

Later this month, shortly after his inaugural professorial lecture, Damian Maye will be speaking at a public workshop in Switzerland. ‘New Directions in Agri-Environmental Governance – Practices of inclusion, collaboration, reflexivity and reconfiguration’ will take place at the University of Neuchâtel and is being coordinated by its Anthropology Institute. The workshop “aims at engaging with current challenges and future directions of agri-environmental governance in a dialogue between research in social sciences and the actual practice of governance”.

Damian is just one of a number of distinguished speakers, and he will be talking about ‘Food in the Anthropocene: sustainability, ethics and reflexive governance’, a topic which will also been addressed in his professorial lecture. The two-day event will see Damian chair the opening session on its second day, which will address ‘practices of inclusion and collaboration’. Professor Michael Winter, from the University of Exeter will open the second day’s discussions and will be speaking about Agri-environmental governance in the context of Brexit. Damian said “I am really looking forward to attending this workshop, and as it is a free public event it should be really interesting”.

The workshop is free to attend and further details can be obtained by visiting the event’s website.