Assessing the impact of cross compliance in England

The CCRI, in partnership with Central Science Laboratory, undertook a project for Defra to assess the impact of cross compliance in England. The aim of the project, which was led by Janet Dwyer working with Julie Ingram, was to provide recommendations on how to monitor and evaluate the impact of cross compliance in England, building on existing data collection arrangements, and identifying areas where new baselines or monitoring programmes were required. In addition, the monitoring programme had to be designed to pick up the extent to which the environmental and economic benefits and costs set out in the Regulatory Impact Assessments had arisen, and to enable assessment of the cost-effectiveness of individual measures.

Through a mix of literature review, interviews and a workshop with stakeholders and technical and practitioner experts, the project analysed and evaluated the potential range of measures that could be used to assess the effectiveness of cross compliance in meeting its goals. Two levels of ‘indicators’ to be applied at a basic and higher level were recommended.