RECARE project update

The CCRI is one of 27 project partners working on a 5 year EU FP7 project, which is looking at measures to prevent and remediate against soil degradation in Europe.

The RECARE project has recently completed a review of EU polices on soil protection. In this review, 28 of the most relevant EU policy instruments for soil protection have been examined with respect to their provisions and mechanisms. The analysis shows whether, and how, the selected policy instruments have the potential to enhance soil protection.

The report also identifies the policy instruments in the RECARE Case Study countries which will be the focus of the impact assessment at the national level. In doing this, the review provides a basis to determine the scope of the integrated policy assessment and establishes the methodology to be used in the RECARE project. The review found a broad range of policy instruments at EU level with relevance to soil protection. These include regulatory instruments, economic incentives, monitoring, advice, awareness raising and research within the context of sectors, such as agriculture, forestry, waste, industry and renewable energy. Read the full report here.

The RECARE project has just issued its April newsletter, which presents an update on progress on the project. Read the newsletter.

Dr Julie Ingram, Dr Matt Reed and Jane Mills are the CCRI researchers involved in the project.

Project website.