ViaSalaria : Help to support a 180 mile study walk across Italy

Almost one year on from the devastating earthquake that hit a mountainous area of central Italy in August 2016, visiting CCRI scholar, Luca Lazzarini, is co-organising a 180 mile walk along the ancient Salaria road in Italy, passing through some of the villages deeply affected by the earthquake.

The walk – ‘ViaSalaria’ – is an itinerant walking workshop that aims at studying the landscape, particularly in rural and mountainous areas. It will be undertaken by a group of undergraduate and PhD students, who will walk from Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The project is an independent and totally self-financed initiative, organized by and addressed to students where every participant will fund his/her walk. During the walk, the group will spend the nights in their own tents, in sports fields kindly offered by local authorities, in camps, or in hostels.

Amatrice, one of the worst areas affected by last year’s earthquake in central Italy. ANSA/ ALESSANDRO DI MEO

To help towards the funding of the walk, ViaSalaria has launched a fundraising campaign on

Luca and his co-organisers, Guido Benigni (University of Camerino) and Andrea Pesaresi (University of Venice), would be grateful for your donations, no matter how small! Your donations will help to fund the group’s daily meals and supplies.

Every year, ViaSalaria covers a different section of Italy, exploring different areas, meeting different communities and discussing new challenges. The theme of 2017’s walk will be the post-earthquake recovery and along the journey, the group will meet a number of local actors trying to answer questions at the centre of a current debate. For instance, if, how and where to rebuild villages destroyed by the earthquake and which development model to achieve in the process of reconstruction.

Please donate or share ViaSalaria’s campaign!  Any help would be highly appreciated!

To find out more about ViaSalaria project, please visit their Facebook page.