Calling WWOOFers and Hosts – please spare 3 minutes to complete a short survey

WWOOFing – Eloise Fresnay

CCRI’s placement student, Eloise Fresnay, is undertaking a small research project about the role of social interaction and collective work in alternative knowledge farming provision and transmission.

Eloise will be writing a study report about the project, which is required to fulfil her student placement, using different examples from projects that she has participated in during her placement in the CCRI.

One of these examples is WWOOFing – (World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farm – voluntary work in farm in exchange of accommodation and food). Eloise is a WWOOFer herself and she is calling for other WWOOFers, and also hosts, to complete a short survey that she has compiled to help her obtain some valuable feedback on WWOOFIng and how it plays a role in farming knowledge transmission.

The survey should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete. To enable Eloise to undertake an interesting analysis of the results, she needs the maximum numbers of answers possible. With the results, Eloise hopes to have a better idea of the role of WWOOFing in knowledge provision, to see if the transmission goes only in one way from farmer to WWOOFers or in the other way too, and if the WWOOFers keep using what they learnt in the farm in their daily life after their farming experience.

Please complete the survey here. The survey is open until 25th June, 2017.

Eloise wrote a blog about WWOOFing in December 2016 which you can read here.