Damian Maye to present SUFISA findings to DG-Agri

Damian Maye

At the end of April 2019, the SUFISA project came to an end. SUFISA – Sustainable finance for sustainable agriculture and fisheries, began in May 2015 and was tasked with identifying sustainable practices and policies in agricultural, fisheries and food sectors across Europe. On Monday May 6th, Damian Maye will be joining a number of colleagues from the consortium and will present the project findings directly to the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development at the European Commission in Brussels.

Damian will be one of three presenting findings and will speak about managing market uncertainty in agricultural markets, with reference to arable, dairy and fruit farming across Europe. Erik Mathijs, Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, from KU Leuven will speak about fostering European farmers’ position in the supply chain and Isabelle Bonjean, Postdoctoral researcher, also from KU Leuven will discuss choices made by farmers related to risk management and sales channels.

The meeting will be an opportunity debate all activities related to the project and will be attended by staff from other Directorate-Generals within the Commission.