Amr Khafagy has article published on ‘Alternative Policy Solutions’

CCRI Research Assistant Amr Khafagy has recently had a short commentary article published on the ‘Alternative Policy Solutions‘ website entitled ‘From Taxes to Donations: Is Coronavirus Chance to Reconsider Our Tax System’?

His commentary proposes alternative policies to increase tax revenue and reduce the reliance on public debt, in order to increase spending on health, education, and the challenges posed by the coronavirus.

Regarding the article, Amr said “the Covid-19 crisis has imposed new financial pressures on the Egyptian government to support the health sector, and self- and irregular employment. One of the main sources of funding for these obligations was individual and corporate donations. But the crisis and these philanthropic initiatives raise legitimate questions about the fairness of the tax system, compelling us to search for economically effective, long-term alternatives to finance government expenditure and commitments during the current crisis and beyond’.

Access the article here: