Janet Dwyer to participate in online farming discussion group

Next week, CCRI Director Janet Dwyer will join Sue Pritchard from the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission, Professor Janet Dwyer from the Countryside and Community Research Institute, Julia Aglionby from the Foundation for Common Land and Adele Jones from the Sustainable Food Trust in one of an on-going series of discussions dedicated to ‘transforming the future of land management’.

Organised by Land Management 2.0, a not-for-profit knowledge sharing network created to transform and shape the future of the land management sector, the event on 5th June is entitled ‘Exploring the Economic, Environmental and Cultural Risks and opportunities of Changing Farm Support’. It is aiming to raise awareness of both the risks and potential opportunities of changing farm support.

Regarding the event, Jenny Phelps said “Farming is a vital industry to the UK and can deliver not only food, but if done well, could deliver public goods and ecosystem services. It is currently in a state of uncertainty with the reduction in BPS from 2022.  The policy for cheap food from competitive supermarkets has driven the intensification of farming ignoring true cost accounting. Best Value has stood the way of public procurement being achieved. Now, at a time when economic recovery strategies are being drawn up post Covid, dynamic procurement systems could be a vitatl role in a circular economy, where money is procured as locally and sustainably as possible, to help deliver all the other pressing agendas such as climate change. There is a unique  chance to solve this by under pining food production by payments for public goods and services, enabling quality food to be available for all.

If you are interested in participating in the discussion, you can register your interest on the EventBrite page.