Rob Berry to co-edit special edition of Journal of Maps

Senior Research Fellow, Rob Berry, who is CCRI’s GIS expert has been invited to co-edit a special edition of the ‘Journal of Maps’. Joining Rob in this editorial role will be colleagues from the University of Gloucestershire’s Geography department, Dr Lucy Clarke and Dr Kenny Lynch.

The journal is now seeking submissions from contributors which “contribute to the global policy priorities represented by the European Commission’s Horizon Missions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for a Special Issue of the journal to be published in 2022. As discussed in a recent editorial in the journal, map-making has a vital part to play in analysing, visualizing and presenting progress towards meeting these ambitions”.

The editors are particularly interested in contributions that use mapping innovatively to visualise global challenges or progress against the SDG and Horizon Missions targets. This is an opportunity to model creative mapping of the data available on these strategic global objectives. For example, themes could focus on aspects of:

  • environmental, social or economic sustainability;
  • conquering cancer;
  • climate change;
  • caring for soils; or
  • restoration of our rivers or oceans.
  • International and interdisciplinary collaborations are particularly welcome.

The deadline for manuscript submission is 31st July 2021, with full details available on the Journal’s website.