Forest of Dean Energy Climathon

The CCRI team recently held another Climathon, this time in partnership with Forest of Dean District Council. The event focused on developing locally appropriate solutions for decarbonising electricity and heat at scale in the district. Attendees took part in a webinar, in which they learnt more about the latest developments in renewable energy, considered the building blocks of a net-zero future and familiarised themselves with the Forest of Dean context. The webinar concluded with some time for discussion of ideas for net zero solutions in breakout rooms.

The second part of the Climathon comprised an introductory talk at the Forest of Dean Council offices in Coleford, followed by a workshop at The Main Place. Throughout the workshop, attendees took the initial ideas gathered in the webinar session and narrowed them down to six solutions through a voting process. Teams then worked together to prepare a presentation on their solution, on which they received feedback from a panel. We look forward to continuing to work with Forest of Dean District Council and partners to explore the next steps which emerged from this event.

Visit here for more details on our National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise funded Climathon work.