Supurbfood podcasts

One of the challenges we face all of the time is how to communicate our sometimes quite complex research findings, especially when those ideas are still in development. One of the best ways is someone talking about the project, or better still a group discussing it. Until now that has been difficult to capture, but podcasting makes it a lot easier.

The EU funded project Supurbfood is a very innovative project combining experiences across 7 European city regions and experiences from the global south to discuss short food chains, nutrient recycling and land use (see more at

We are just coming up to a crucial meeting – the reports from across Europe are in and people are flying from across the world to join the discussion in Vigo (Spain) this week. As a way of helping every one taking part, or who is interested in the project, to get up to speed with progress so far we have recorded two podcasts. Recorded last week they will join a live video feed (not yet available) and presentations on slideshare to allow people to follow the progress of the project.

podcast 1

podcast 2