CCRI welcomes Camille Glasson from AgroSup Dijon

Camille Glasson
Camille Glasson

The CCRI has welcomed Camille Glasson, a French student from AgroSup Dijon, who has come to the CCRI for three months to work on the PEGASUS project.

PEGASUS is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme  and aims to identify and understand the relationships between key groups of socio-political, economic and institutional factors considered crucial for influencing the levels of provision and appreciation of environmental and social benefits in different EU contexts. There are around 30 case studies looking at different farming and forest systems as well as supply chains.

The CCRI is carrying out 4 case studies in the UK, one of which is the WILD river basin management initiative on which Camille will be working.

Camille’s principal research interests include the  environment (especially water management) and agriculture. She is currently studying at AgroSup in Dijon, which was one of the first public ‘Grands Établissements’ for the training of engineers in the fields of agronomy and agri-food in France. It is part of the French Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry where Camlle plans to work after her graduation.

More about PEGASUS.

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