Soil erosion in the news

soil erosion lincolnshire 392x272 3Soil erosion has been trending in the media since the publication of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee on Soil Health report on 2nd June, which warned that some of the most productive agricultural land in the country is at risk of becoming unprofitable within a generation due to soil erosion and loss of organic carbon, and the natural environmental will be seriously harmed.

The Government’s 2011 Natural Environment White Paper announced a target that soil should be managed sustainably by 2030. This latest report casts doubt over whether this can be achieved on the current trajectory.

Concern for our soil has been a preoccupation of CCRI researchers for a number of years and Jane Mills has written an article about how the CCRI has been working with researchers across Europe to find ways to address the soil degradation issues raised in the report.

Read Jane’s blog article.