Amr Khafagy has economics book published

Amr joined the CCRI in January of this year and has been busy working on a book will we can announce will be published later this year. Based primarily on a series of peer-reviewed articles, the book entitled ‘The Economics of Financial Cooperatives: Income Distribution, Political Economy and Regulation‘ will be published by Routledge in late September.

Research Assistant Amr Khafagy explained a little about his book: “it provides theoretical and empirical analyses that explain the influence of finance on economic distribution and potentials of financial cooperatives to improve wealth and income distribution. The book also identifies the economic objective and the institutional factors that determine the development of cooperative financial institutions, specifically, political institutions and regulations.  Through the political economy of financial cooperatives, and the origin and rationale for financial cooperative regulation in underdeveloped economies, we can see why financial cooperatives grew in some emerging economies and not in other similar ones.”

Sadly we are unable to provide readers with any copy from the book, however other articles from Amr are available on the University of Gloucestershire’s research repository.