SUPURB Food Seminar

In late June as part of the SUPURBFOOD project a team from the CCRI took part in an international seminar hosted by the University of Vigo.

The seminar brought together people working on questions of short food supply chains, recycling nutrients and multi-functional land use from across the planet. Part of the SUPURBFOOD project is to look at how urban areas can play an active role in improving the sustainability of the food in and around the edge of the city.

You can see a video of Matt Reed presenting a synthesis of the findings from the 7 City Regions in Europe and posing questions and answering about the future directions of research in these areas. Henk Renting and Marielle Dubbeling from RUAF followed this demonstrating how projects in the South of the world are making changes in how cities tackle these issues. Much of the rest of the conference takes place away from the cameras but you can see some of the CCRI team reporting back on these discussions here.