Janet Dwyer talks about Pillar 2 funding on BBC 4’s Farming Today

Professor Janet Dwyer, Director of the CCRI
Professor Janet Dwyer, Director of the CCRI

CCRI Director, Janet Dwyer, was interviewed on BBC 4’s Farming Today on Friday, 1st July, 2016, about the funding that the UK currently receives from the EU CAP Pillar 2 funding, which is now under threat following the Referendum vote.

Across Europe, 100 billion euros is being spent by the EU on rural development over 6 years up to 2020. According to BBC Farming Today, in the UK this rural development adds up to 7.5 billion euros, (just over 6 billion pounds), so what will happen to that post-Brexit?

In the interview, Janet said that it her understanding that Countryside Stewardship schemes, which pay farmers for specific projects, should be honoured, although a treasury guarantee will be needed at some point to confirm this. She also talked about the efficiency of different regions that receive EU development money, and how it might be missed more in some regions than others.

Janet’s interview can be listened to on BBC’s radio iPlayer until 31 July. Her piece starts shortly after the beginning of the programme.