CCRI Postgraduate Summer School

CCRI research student, George Cusworth, presenting at the 2017 Winter SchoolLast Thursday (29th June) we held the very first CCRI summer school as an internal day of training and discussion for our postgraduate research students.

For several years the CCRI has held a Winter School, where we also invite students from outside the CCRI to participate. The main aim of the winter school is to deliver advanced training in research methods, inter-disciplinary approaches and theoretical constructs, as well as providing an opportunity for students to present their research to a sympathetic audience. It also aims to foster knowledge exchange and debate between students, as well as between staff, external speakers and students.

The summer school repeated many of the themes about mutual support, with senior staff taking part throughout the day and with a focus on skills development.

The day started with an expert session on project planning from CCRI’s Business Manager, Chris Rayfield. This was followed by a testing of a new research project from Kate Smith (it is amazing and coming out soon – watch this space!)

Next was Luca Lazzarini’s seminar about rural/urban linkages and findings from his work at the CCRI (see the slides here). Last, but not least, was a series of concise thesis summaries from all of the students. Presenting your thesis against the clock forces audience and presenter alike to focus on what is important, with everyone taking part doing a brilliant job.

We will be advertising the dates for the Winter School shortly.

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