CCRI at XXVIIth ESRS Conference

A CCRI team is travelling to the historic city of Krakow, Poland, this weekend for the XXVIIth ESRS Conference, which take place from 24th to 27th July.

This year’s conference is entitled ‘Uneven processes of rural change: On diversity, knowledge and justice’. It will explore processes of rural change from three interrelated perspectives:

1. Mirrors and the richness of diversity.

2. Whose truth, whose voice? Rural change and the creation of multiple knowledges.

3. Winners and losers. Rural change and the question of justice.

Read overview of conference.

Damian Maye will be chairing one of the working group sessions “Farmers’ strategies”, together with Egon Noe from the University of Southern Denmark.

Damian, James Kirwan and Mauro Vigani are all involved in the session and in particular the presentation of “How different farming systems respond to the continuously evolving European dairy market – a comparative case study of four different EU countries”.

Within the same working group, Damian, Mauro, James and Hannah Chiswell will be presenting “Living with price volatility: strategies of dairy farmers to manage milk price uncertainty” in a session entitled “Markets and governance”, which is chaired by Piotr Nowak, Jagiellonian University, Poland, and Tjitske Anna Zwart, KU Leuven, Belgium.

Matt Reed is chairing a working group looking at “Tap for change: ubiquitous ICT, food and rurality”. CCRI’s Marie Curie fellowship scholar, Marco Della Gala, is presenting “Mobile applications fostering situated learning opportunities in alternative agro-food networks”. In the same session, Matt and Rob Berry are involved in presenting “Failing to connect: superfast broadband, rurality and the failing governance of rural England”.

Damian are James are also co-convening a working group session, ‘Ethics and food systems’, with Gianluca Brunori, University of Pisa, Italy, and other colleagues. They are also presenting a paper with Gianluca, “Ethics in agri-food governance: responsibility, resilience and transparency”.

See full programme.