Special edition of Sociologia Ruralis published

Dr Damian Maye

Damian Maye was a guest editor for a special issue of Sociologia Ruralis, which was published this week (11th July 2017).

Damian co-edited the special issue with Jessica Duncan from Wageningen University, Netherlands.

This issue focusses on Understanding Sustainable Food System Transitions: Practice, Assessment and Governance and is available on Wiley Online Library.

Damian and Jessica co-wrote an introduction for this issue. In addition, Damian co-wrote a paper with James Kirwan and Gianluca Brunori (University of Pisa), about food chains and ethics – see Reflexive Governance, Incorporating Ethics and Changing Understandings of Food Chain Performance.

Dan Keech also co-wrote a paper about urban food networks – see Bricolage for Self-Sufficiency: An Analysis of Alternative Food Networks

The full references are as follows:

Maye, D. and Duncan, J. (2017) Understanding sustainable food system transitions: practice, assessment and governance. Special issue of Sociologia Ruralis. Volume 57, Issue 3, pages 267–273. DOI: 10.1111/soru.12177

Grivins, M, Keech, D, Kunda, I and Tisenkopfs, T (2017) Bricolage for self-sufficiency: an analysis of alternative food initiatives structures. Special issue of Sociologia Ruralis. July.  Volume 57Issue 3 .Pages 340-356. DOI: 10.1111/soru.12171

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