Rural residents – we want to hear your views on housing issues!

The CCRI is conducting a second survey for Rural Services Network (RSN) and Rural England, which follows up on the survey that was conducted in the summer of 2017 in which rural stakeholders were invited to participate to help shape a new agenda for the countryside.

As the UK prepares to exit the EU and we look ahead at key challenges and opportunities, there is a great deal of discussion about the future of rural areas. Last week was ‘Rural Housing Week’, which highlighted rural housing issues, and a core point in these current discussions is the basic task of providing homes for people, which is vital to ensure that rural communities and services thrive rather than, as is often the case, just manage to survive.

Housing, its location, quality, accessibility and condition, is something that concerns all of us and was one of the prime concerns highlighted in the 2017 survey.

As per the previous survey, this new survey seeks the opinions and experiences of residents of rural areas in England to help Rural England better understand housing issues and to draw together ideas for solutions. By completing the survey, you can help us try to make sure that politicians and policies are more informed about what really goes on, and what is needed, at the local level across the country.

The survey can be completed here. It will remain open throughout the summer, closing on September 3rd and all valid responses will be in with a chance of winning one of ten £10 Amazon vouchers.

Thank you for your interest and co-operation.