CCRI welcomes visiting researchers

The CCRI are pleased to welcome Dr Bárbara Soriano and Dr Vera Ventura, both of whom have been working with the CCRI during the summer.

Dr Bárbara Soriano is a post-doctoral researcher at the Research Center for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks (CEIGRAM)-Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain. She is an applied economist using empirical and quantitative methods, with experience in macroeconomic analysis in economic development and global food security. Bárbara is involved in SURE-Farm, a H2020 research project focusing on enhancing the resilience of European farming systems, alongside CCRI researchers Dr Mauro Vigani, Dr Julie Urquhart, Professor Damian Maye, Dr Rob Berry and Professor Paul Courtney. She is visiting CCRI for three months to work on the qualitative analysis of farmers’ learning capacity interviews, from the Spanish case study, a task led by Dr Julie Urquhart.

Dr. Vera Ventura visited the CCRI on 16th – 27th July 2018 to work with Dr. Mauro Vigani on the economics of New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBT). NPBT are innovative crop breeding methods allowing the development of new plant varieties with desired traits. The aim of the project is to analyse the current international scenario of regulatory approaches towards NPBT and its relationships with technology production and adoption. The visit of Dr. Ventura is part of the activities of the Cost Action CA15223 “iPlanta: Modifying Plants To Produce Interfering Rna”. Cost Action grants Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) aimed to strength the scientific objectives of the Cost Action, by supporting inter-lab exchange visits of young scientists in/between COST countries.

CCRI’s Damian Maye, Julie Urquhart and Mauro Vigani with Bárbara-Soriano (who is 2nd from the right)
Mauro Vigani with Dr Vera Ventura