Changing Treescapes Collaboration Guide Published

The Changing Treescapes project team have released a new guide, ‘Making Socio-Ecological Art and Science Collaboration Work: A Guide’.

The guide provides invaluable advice on how artists and arts-based researchers can work alongside natural and social scientists to design inclusive environmental research. It details practical steps for finding and commissioning artists who have the appropriate skill sets and expertise, while also addressing concerns within the wider research community that bringing an arts perspective into applied research can be challenging.

The full guide is available to read for free here: ‘Making Socio-Ecological Art and Science Collaboration Work: A Guide’

Changing Treescapes is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of the Landscape Decisions Programme.

The project is led by Dr Julie Urquhart, and includes CCRI researchers Dr Alice Goodenough, Prof Paul Courtney, Dr Jasmine Black, freelance artist Dr Kerry Morrison and Prof Clive Potter from Imperial College London.