FOODMETRES final conference presentation

On Friday 24 September, Dr Damian Maye is making an opening presentation at the FOODMETRES final conference ‘Towards a Territorial Approach for European Food Security’. Damian’s presentation, which is entitled ‘Research perspectives in food planning at the European level’, can be viewed on the CCRI Slideshare account

Damian is a member of the Advisory Committee for the EU project FOODMETRES (‘Food Planning and Innovation for Sustainable Metropolitan Regions’), which aims to assess the environmental and socio-economic impacts of food chains with regard to the spatial, logistical and resource dimensions of growing food in metropolitan (urban) regions.


Dr Damian Maye
Dr Damian Maye

FOODMETRES is closely associated to food planning and governance themes which we are examining in two CCRI projects (GLAMUR and SUPURBFOOD), and Damian’s talk draws together findings from all three projects to frame the discussion and policy questions for the day.

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