All about soil!

soil roots 392x272Soil is invariably at the forefront of Jane Mills‘ research and this coming week she will be attending various workshops and meetings around Europe to discuss various issues around the subject of soil.

First on the agenda is a workshop in Venice that Jane has been invited to attend by the Inspiration project, which is producing a strategic research agenda on soil, land-use and management in Europe. The workshop will bring together 80 key stakeholders of European soil and land management research to discuss some potential integrated research themes.   Jane will be presenting information about the SoilCare project and identifying where the project might address aspects of the research themes and highlight any existing knowledge gaps.

Soilcare is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme and aims to identify and evaluate promising soil-improving crop systems and agronomic techniques that will increase the profitability and sustainability of agriculture across Europe

Following on from this, Jane will be attending the SoilCare work package leaders meeting on 13th and 14th September, which is taking place in Rhenen, near Wageningen.  This will be followed by the RECARE work package leaders meeting on 15th and 16th September.

RECARE is an EU FP7 project, looking at measures to prevent and remediate against soil degradation in Europe.