Dan Keech at University of Valencia as Javi Serrano Lara defends PhD thesis

Javi Serrano Lara

Dan Keech has been at the University of Valencia this week in his capacity of PhD examiner for Javi Serrano Lara, who successfully defended his thesis.

Javi, who is from the Institute of Local Development, University of Valencia, Spain, visited the CCRI for four months in September 2016 during which time he worked on his PhD, which examined social capital in rural areas using social network analysis. Whilst in the UK, Javi worked on a case study of a LEADER group in England and was mentored by Damian Maye.

Javi’s PhD thesis was entitled ‘Rural Development & Social Capital – An Analysis of Social Networks in Andalusia and England’.

Javi is also interested in resilience and social innovation theory and whilst in the CCRI he presented a seminar about his work entitled “Loss and destruction of social capital and social networks in Spanish rural areas as consequences of the NOT LEADER philosophy”.

The CCRI sends Javi congratulations and hopes that there will be opportunities to collaborate in the future!

Dan Keech (left, sitting at table) at the University of Valencia this week