Dan Keech co-convenes ‘Landscape, Becoming and Time’ sessions at RGS annual conference

Dan Keech, together with Owain Jones, convened two sessions on ‘Landscape, Becoming and Time’. (Illustrations by Chris Glynn of Cardiff School of Art and Design at Cardiff Met University)

On Friday 31st August, Dan Keech and former CCRI colleague, Owain Jones (now Professor of Environmental Humanities at Bath Spa University), together hosted two sessions at this year’s annual international conference of the Royal Geographical Society at Cardiff University, entitled ‘Landscape, Becoming and Time. Past, present and future uses of the dwelling concept in Human Geography and beyond’.

The nine presentations included historical reports of the experiences of families taking up tenancies with the UK Land Settlements Association, critical reflections on Tim Robinson’s work ‘The Stones of Aran’, and human-technology relations within field recordings in Indonesia. One presentation included singing as part of an exploration of faith tourism in Welsh sacred places.

Throughout these sessions, Chris Glynn, of Cardiff School of Art and Design at Cardiff Met University, created illustrations of the presentations, which can be viewed in his blog. It also provides further details about the remaining speakers in the sessions, and their work.

The three-day conference attracted a record number of over 1700 delegates to Cardiff University.