Jane Mills invited as expert at ENSA-JRC meeting

Jane Mills has been invited as an expert to take part in the sixth European Network of Soil Awareness (ENSA).  The ENSA-JRC meeting in The Netherlands 19th-20th September 2019  aims to bring together people who have a common aim of raising awareness of the importance of soil. The meeting is a forum to exchange best practices and learn about what is happening across Europe.   A key focus of the meeting this year will be a dedicated marketplace of soil awareness activities in The Netherlands.  The meeting supports the implementation of the European Soil Partnership Plan of Action on education and soil awareness. Jane will drawing on her research into sustainable soil management practices and advisory services in three major EU funded soil related projects; SmartSoil,  RECARE and SoilCare.

The meeting is part of a ‘Summer of Soil’ a summer programme about our living soil that takes place between 31st May and 31st October at the Fruittuin van West in Amsterdam. More information regarding the programme can be found on its website.

Jane Mills has published extensively on the subject of soil, and many of her articles are available via the University of Gloucestershire’s research repository.