New SURE-Farm policy brief

The EU Horizon 2020 project SURE-Farm has released a new policy brief on Intergenerational Renewal. The CCRI SURE-Farm team is led by Mauro Vigani and includes Rob Berry, Damian Maye, Paul Courtney and Julie Urquhart.

To contribute to the development of this policy brief, the CCRI had a case study in the UK that focussed on arable farming in the East of England, which was combined with 10 other case studies.

Policy Brief on Intergenerational Renewal. What policies can do? – Executive Summary

For a resilient farming system, smooth and sufficient intergenerational renewal is crucial, and it has been defined as one of nine goals for the CAP post-2020. Before implementing specific policy measures and instruments, however, policy makers must determine the degree and nature of the generational renewal problem that needs to be addressed. Also, policies need to focus on increasing the attractiveness of farming as an occupation and lifestyle, as many non-entry decisions are made before measures aimed at the young farmer start to play a role. Further policy directions include increasing the mobility of land and labour, supporting the management of extreme calamities as they involve a great risk of exit and non-entry and facilitating the provision of personal and farm-specific advice and coaching. The power and responsibility of national and regional governments to address these issues is often underestimated and overlooked.

The policy brief can be downloaded from the SURE-Farm website.

Later this month, on September 26th in Bucharest, the main findings from the project to date will be presented at the 173rd EAAE Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists. Topics covered will include the risk behavior, risk management and resilience, learning capacity, farm demographics, agricultural policies and impact assessment. More information regarding the event, including the agenda for the seminar can be found on the SURE-Farm website.

Details concerning the event, which will focus on Sustainable and resilient farming systems in the European Union can also be found on the EAAE website.