Call for papers on COVID-19 and impacts on the natural environment

Phil Staddon and Dan Keech, of CCRI, are pleased to announce a special issue of Cogent Environmental Science on the impact of COVID-19 on the natural environment. Joining Phil and Dan will be Professor Ok of Korea University, who between them will be guest editors of the journal. The call aims to bring together the latest understanding of how COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns have become evident in the natural environment.

Phil Staddon points out that “COVID-19 and its associated lockdowns and impacts on economic activity has the potential to have a diversity of beneficial but also detrimental impacts on the natural environment”.

This special issue specifically welcomes research papers presenting novel data, both quantitative and qualitative and policy papers addressing the consequences of COVID-19 on the natural environment.

More information concerning submission can be found on the journal website. Deadline for manuscripts is 31st December 2020.