CCRI welcomes new placement student

Hailing from the distant location of the FCH Quad East bioscience labs (the CCRI is the opposite side of the campus!), I’m pleased to introduce myself as the first University of Gloucestershire placement student. I’ve just finished my second year of BSc Ecology and Environmental Science and I’m eager (if a little apprehensive) to temporarily shift from student to research assistant.

Like some of my fellow natural sciences predecessors, I’m expecting to learn a lot moving to social science research but it feels like a crucial step in developing a balanced approach to environmental study – we cannot take people out of the equation. Personally, I grew up in an urbanised part of Kent so, although I have a bit of experience in practical conservation, I’m expecting a fairly steep learning curve regarding my agricultural knowledge.

Academically, I have quite a wide variety of interests (I challenge you to find something I wouldn’t poke my nose into, if given the chance) so I’m looking forward to being exposed to a plethora of topics. So far at university, I have been particularly engaged with anything plant-related from palynology to producing herbariums. I’m hoping to pursue a plant pathology route for my undergraduate dissertation, potentially focussed on tree pests and diseases, but who knows where the next year will take me.

Bee paddle boarding

Outside of university, I’m quite a big reader, I like to try my hand at arty endeavours like embroidery, painting, and lino cutting, and I can often be found roaming around National Trust properties or picking up insects.